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A one-minute policy briefing for Apple users

A one-minute policy briefing for Apple users
The company has learned how to manipulate public opinion (or maybe it has always been able to manipulate public opinion, you never know).
Whatever the case may be, many people are convinced that the company's products are the safest and most impregnable, that they cannot be hacked, and that the company itself trembles at protecting the privacy of its users.
Let's try to get to the bottom of this.

However, for a knowledgeable person, or even an interested one, the myth of "the most secure OS" is debunked very easily: google, read, smile.
Since we regularly conduct such unsophisticated research in our business, here is a selection from our channel for the last couple of years. The juiciest, let's just say:

  • Another vulnerability allowing full root access (jailbreak, as apple people call it) and affecting most of the working iphone/ipad world
  • And this is how (reverently guarding the privacy of its users) the company looks at each device's (i.e. user's) contacts on the stream. For the sake of fighting covid, of course.
  • Such a zero-day vulnerability was recently found in ALL versions of iOS, which fits in just 10 lines of code, and was published (!) on Twitter. A slap in the face.
  • A method of eliminating vulnerabilities, through trivial bribery (worthy of a trillion-dollar corporation, nothing to say).
  • Disabling disk encryption for the WHOLE COUNTRY (apple knows how to do politics too, as you can see)
  • This is how Cupertino views all your photos. For the sake of fighting pedophilia, of course, what did you think?
  • A vulnerability in imessage that allowed the REMOTE to put the notorious pegasus virus (and not just it, of course) into any iOS device. By the way, it was much harder to infect an android device with pegasus, no zero-clicks, but instead: tricks/tricks/complex tools.
  • Disable traffic encryption for an entire country? Yeah easy (talking about Russia, by the way)
  • Monitor your phone even when it's turned off? You're welcome, too. The juiciest, let's just say.

The list is far from complete. Another apple-hole appears at intervals from 1 week to a couple of months, anyone can track/check it for themselves, the way is given at the beginning of the article.