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All about the panic toolkit

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All about the panic toolkit
PANIC TOOLKIT is a function that allows, if necessary, to quickly and irrevocably destroy all the data that was in the phone. BespalePhone can be urgently wiped using 5 different scenarios. In this case, such a sweep is irreversible, the data cannot be recovered either by special services or hackers-on-contract (cellebrite and the like).
This option is very relevant in the case of unauthorized access to the device by 3rd parties: forcible removal, loss, theft.

5 scenarios of our panic-toolkit:

  1. Button in the "curtain" (in the notification panel). Open the curtain, press the button (1 or 3 times).
  2. PIN attempts. Set a limit on the number of incorrect PIN entries (to unlock the device) in the range from 1 to 10 incorrect attempts. For example, if you set 3 attempts, the third consecutive incorrect PIN code leads to a sweep.
  3. Special PIN. Set a special PIN-code for clearing, entering of which will cause a panic when unlocking the device.
  4. SMS. Set a text message (sms) in advance, on receipt of which the phone deletes all data. Works both from certain numbers and from any number.
  5. Eject SIM-card. When you try to remove the sim card, the device is immediately cleared.

*All scripts are enabled/disabled and work in any combination, independently of each other.