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The $10,000 reward

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The $10,000 reward

Bespale pays remuneration if you can:

  1. Prove that IMEI (MEID) / MAC-address / Serial does not change (remains the same, original, factory). We are very proud of our id-toolkit, and offer you to check the identifiers in any way: in the phone itself, in the printout operator, on the cord through a PC, via an application checker, etc.
  2. Retrieve at least one bit of information after applying panic-toolkit. We guarantee that panic makes it physically impossible to recover any information from the phone: messages, photos, contacts, files on the disk, anything - any piece of the cleared information.
  3. Decrypt at least one internet packet that went through BespaleVPN. Attack vector depends on your choice: hacking of our servers (brute-force/fishing/sploit), mitm-attack, SORM data (or similar systems) - any option you can think up and implement.

Reward amount: 10 000 USD.

P. S. In order to receive a reward, at least one (any) of the above conditions must be met, as well as ownership of the relevant product for demonstration purposes.
Learn more and apply via telegram support at https://t.me/bespalephone