Everything you wanted to know about digital security

Contemporary digital security

Mobile phone is an essential part of daily life for billions of people. We send and receive, download and upload tons of megabytes (texts, images, video, sound, software etc) every hour, every single day. Is it possible to keep the privacy?
Phones help us to solve daily issues: get the necessary information, do shopping and hobbies, communicate with people. We exchange data with the outer world in different ways: text, images, video, sound, apps. Mobile phone erases borders, uniting people around the world, making us almost omnipotent.

It is not a secret that each mobile connection is controlled by government and private organizations in order to keep peace in the world. Buthow do they use this information, having a detailed portrait of a user with a full biography, accounts/loans/property/movements data, etc?? What if this total surveillance is being used against us and our interests?

Cyberspace is complicated and unpredictable just as the real world. While people can protect themselves and maintain their existence in reality, in the virtual world we look like an Australopithecus, with a stick against predators in harsh weather conditions.

So how to maintain one’s privacy? The answer is simple: use protection.

Bespale team is concerned about this situation, that’s why we have created a set of products that gives confident data protection that is stored on your phone, an absolute security while data transferring and communications in any form (voice, text, video), with complete anonymity of the phone owner.
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