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BespaleVPN v.2 technology

What's new?
BespaleVPN v.2 technology
BespaleVPN has always been doublevpn, since the very first day of its existence. Because doublevpn is significantly more anonymous and secure than regular vpn, which we have already discussed.
But are standard solutions enough for us, the bespale-family? Even if it is doublevpn?
Of course not.

How was it originally?

For each doublevpn we took two different servers in two different countries. And even if they were in no way connected to each other (let alone to us), even if they were registered and paid for on behalf of completely different people. But the output server was the same, that is - a static output ip for our whole family (which includes not only our clients, but we ourselves, as well as our friends and colleagues).

And pretty soon we came to the realization that this scheme is not ideal: today we are doing our usual things from that ip, including, for example, the presentation of our real data. And tomorrow a member of the family somewhere mischievous - and under suspicion fall under everyone at once, it's pretty simple logic.

What to do?

BespaleVPN technology v.2

The obvious way out: make the output ip (server2) - dynamic. I.e. today we work from Spain, in a week from Germany, in a month from Romania. Thus, whoever misbehaved there, it will be impossible to keep up with the other participants of the concession (and the misbehavior itself): today we are here, tomorrow there.

Besides, it would be nice to dilute the family traffic with some other traffic, i.e. to have some other people, not related to us, doing their business via these dynamically changing servers.

It's done.
We remove all of our server2, in general. And we hook up the servers of commercial vpn-services to the output instead. Everyone is familiar with the industry giants: nordvpn, vypr, windscribe, ipvanish, unlimitedvpn, etc. We are going to use them. And they will use, because, in addition to ours, through their servers is the traffic of thousands of people with whom, thank God, we have nothing to do, but whose livelihood is very handy for us.

We even made a short video "how it works" for general understanding. Of course, we don't change server outputs every minute (like in the video, that was a demonstration), but certainly once every couple of weeks.

Topic updates

Well, among other things, it is worth noting that earlier BespaleVPN was just two doublevpn-servers: main (which is still alive by the way) and backup.
After two and a half years, we operate as many as ten doublevpn servers, with outputs all over the globe (from Asia to South America), and we sell these separately for everyone and to any device (not only to BespalePhone owners, as it used to be).

Catch me if you can, as they say:)