BespaleVPN - our bulletproof vpn-service, which is not afraid of any blocking, sanctions or examination.
Only doubleVPNs, maximum encryption and anonymity settings. Speed, all continents.

OS: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux

What do I get?
Two VPN-servers in a chain instead of a standardly used one server significantly increase the level of anonymity and security.


The output servers are located all over the world: in Europe, Asia, America, Middle East.


Our new technology for a maximum level of anonymity.

BespaleVPN v_2

Stable and uninterrupted channel, speed of 25−50Mbps!

High speed

DNS and WebRTC are always applied only from the output server.

0% of leaks

We do not collect, store or somehow use any of your data.

Zero cooperation

No logs, no registration, no limitations.

Zero awareness

We operatively resolve customer problems until it works.

Technical support

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