Anonymity of the user.
Security of data storage.
Data cleansing, no possibility of recovery.
Privacy of communications.
All the time. Absolutely.

bespalephone video
bespalephone video

Our Products

Secure. Reliable. Anonymous.
No digital trace. High speed.
Private messenger
100% secure communication.
Need some product advice or consultation?
Need some product advice or consultation?
Personal data can be retrieved from an unprotected device in almost 100% of cases.

Is vulnerability real?

‘Out of a box’ IOS and Android devices are equipped with software that makes it possible to remotely extract any of the files on your phone.

What our clients say about us

We are creating reliable products to protect your data and communications on the network.

It is only your decision, what information is to be shared.

6 products
$10 000
for your data protection
users all over the world already protecting their data with Bespale
paying to anyone who finds vulnerability in our devices
We are constantly improving our products and sharing the working process without hesitation. We also publish articles and cybersecurity research.


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