Business security pack

The "Business security pack" includes: BespalePhone, your personal double VPN and matrix messenger for enhanced protection of all types of communication.

Color of device: On request
Delivery: Free of charge.
What do I get?
Change of absolutely all identificators of the device "on the fly".

id toolkit

Irretrievable phone sweep in case of emergency (5 options).

Panic toolkit

Сlear OS available only for the owner; all Google and manufacturer backdoors are deleted. Root+xposed.

Control of the system

Firewall: permit or deny access to the Internet of any app or service. Permit only via VPN.

Control of network

Giving you free subscription for BespaleVPN.
  • vpn+tor, vpn+proxy bundles;
  • support of dnscrypt/dnssec, i2p.

Protection and anonymity of network

Distribution of Wi-Fi only using VPN. Two modes:
  • hotspot: SIM->Wi-Fi;
  • repeater: Wi-Fi->Wi-Fi.

Secure distribution

Sip-telephony, anonymity of calls, number spoofing and leasing (all countries).

GSM calls

Android inside of Android, space entirely isolated from main phone. Virtual id toolkit — change of all virtual identificators “on the fly”. Three builds, depending on different needs:
  • full;
  • google;
  • root.

Virtual machines

Fake GPS, Downside-Calculator, Youtube Premium, Bespalefox browser and lots of other perks.


  1. A knowledge base:
  • (What?) video review of all functions and possibilities;
  • (How?) Videoinstructions;
  • (Why?) Video solutions of most common problems.
2. AfterPanic setting - self-recovery after ‘Panic’ button.
3. Charging device, USB-cable, SD-card.


We operatively resolve customer problems until it works.

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