Priority security pack

With all three of our products, we guarantee that no information about users, their actions, or their location can be obtained.

Color of device: On request
Shipping: Free of charge.
What do I get?
Two VPN-servers in a chain instead of a standardly used one server significantly increase the level of anonymity and security.


The ability to select the country of entry/exit.


Our new technology for a maximum level of anonymity.

BespaleVPN v_2

100% guarantee against an unauthorized entry.

Server protection

Do not worry about registration, payment, data, addresses etc. Trust the professionals and get the finished product that can be used immediately.

Anonymity of transactions

Add or delete users on your own.

Administration Panel

DNS and WebRTC are always applied only from the output server.

0% of leaks

Stable and uninterrupted channel, speed of 25−50Mbps!

High speed

We operatively resolve customer problems until it works.

Technical support

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